Beyond Braiding

 Monday, May.20, 2019 / 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CST)
$ 125  |  0 Seats Remaining


Embrace your fear of braiding! Begin with the basics, and then watch how quickly your confidence grows as you learn more advanced braiding techniques. From two-strand braids to eight-strand braids, from visible braids to traveling braids, in three hours you can master all of these techniques.

• Braiding techniques for:
— Two, three, four, five and eight-strand braids
— Invisible and visible braids
— Traveling braids
— Figure-8 braids

• How to choose the appropriate styling products based on hair texture, density, diameter and desired result
• How to combine styling techniques and products to create both salon-friendly and runway-inspired looks

PREREQUISITE: Styled to Last


• Tripod:  Effective July 1, 2018, participants will be required to bring their own Pivot Point tripod.  Pivot Point is offering discount pricing for 2 tripod options for Aveda Salons. Call 847-866-0500 to order and reference code:  AVEDASP to receive the discount.
• Styling Combs (fine-tooth, wide-tooth and tail)
• Hair Brushes (Mason Pearson, Denman, 2½" Round and Aveda Paddle Brush)
• U-Shaped Hair Pins (1 box)
• Bobby Pins (1 box)
• Duck Bill Clips (1 box)
• Hair Elastics (1 box or elastic nylon cords cut to 10")
• Blow Dryer (with nozzle) 


 Venue: Aveda Education Center (Wisconsin Resource Center), W136 N4829 Campbell Dr, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin